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    Keyla Cadena

    Keyla S. Cadena holds a license as a Professional Counselor, boasting an academic background from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. In 2016, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Science and Disorders, followed by the completion of her Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling in 2020.

    Keyla possesses expertise in offering vocational guidance to adolescents and adults undergoing life transitions or managing physical disabilities. She specializes in addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, and sleep disruptions. Drawing from her professional background, Keyla emphasizes the importance of self-care, aiding clients in recognizing and overcoming detrimental habits that hinder personal development, enhancing interpersonal connections, and promoting holistic well-being. She holds the belief that every circumstance presents an opportunity for learning and that individuals possess the capacity to make choices fostering resilience and facilitating their healing journey. 

    Keyla employs a blend of cognitive behavioral therapy and person-centered approaches to assist her clients in conquering obstacles and realizing their fullest potential, attaining their personal aspirations. Counseling sessions are available both in-person and virtually, catering to individual preferences and needs. Keyla also provides bilingual counseling services in both English and Spanish, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for diverse populations.